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Product Overview

Rugged Mobile Digital Video System
Introducing the groundbreaking Toughbook Arbitrator 360°-a rugged revolution in law enforcement video capture. The Toughbook® Arbitrator 360° is a rugged and durable mobile digital video system that can be used with or without a Toughbook computer. It is specifically engineered to excel in the demanding environments law enforcement personnel face every day. Built with legendary Toughbook reliability, this fully-integrated system offers unparalleled video capture (up to 360 degrees), storage, transfer and is designed to work with back-end software for seamless video management, including archiving and retrieving. Capture it all with the Toughbook Arbitrator 360°.

Toughbook Arbitrator is sold by authorized reseller partners nationwide. For more information, please contact us at toughbookarbitrator@us.panasonic.com or call 1-877-826-6539.

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Environmental Certifications

[+] ISO Certification

ISO Certification

ISO Certification

Since 1996, all Panasonic manufacturing plants worldwide—including the factory in Kobe, Japan where Toughbook® mobile computers are made—have achieved ISO 14001 registration and implemented the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. The Kobe factory has also been certified for ISO 9001, an international standard for quality management systems that enhance product quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international federation promoting the development of international manufacturing, trade, and communication standards. ISO 14000, a series of standards, provides the framework for managing the environmental impacts of an organization.

The ISO 14001 international standard established a systematic approach that organizations can use to minimize or prevent environmental impacts and risks. This approach, known as an Environmental Management System or EMS, requires the organization to establish an environmental control policy, educate employees about procedures and continually monitor environmental performance.

Learn more about Panasonic’s environmental compliance

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[+] RoHS Compliance

RoHS Compliance

RoHS Compliant For manufacturers of electronic equipment, the main impact of RoHS is that only lead-free products can be sold in Europe. Panasonic has therefore shifted to lead-free solder. By selling RoHS-compliant Toughbook computers in all countries, not just Europe, Panasonic helps eliminate hazardous electronic waste materials from landfills and waste dumps around the world.

Learn more about Panasonic's environmental compliance

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Product Documents




From financing and tech support, to warranty and redeployment services, the T-Force services team delivers complete mobile computing services to maximize user efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership.

Deployment, Support and Management Services









Customer Testimonials

“The Toughbook Arbitrator 360° has given us a true end-to-end solution for not just recording video, but storing, organizing and accessing video as well. In addition, we quickly realized the benefits of deploying multiple in-car cameras by disproving an internal affairs complaint using evidence captured on a rear-facing camera. From our perspective, a room full of DVDs is no better than a room full of VHS tapes, so the ability to manage and transfer all video evidence digitally is a huge bonus. Our patrol officers found the Arbitrator 360° software interface very easy to use, and were up and running with very minimal training. We value the long-term presence and stability Panasonic has demonstrated in public safety.”
--Sergeant Todd Beam,
Lincoln Police Department (NE)
“One of the biggest advantages I see is being able to utilize this technology with the courts.”
--Chris Lee, Technology Operations Manager,
City of Lewisville (TX)
“The Arbitrator system has given us a decreased time in court, the ability to gather evidence in a much clearer fashion than before, ease of use and a high comfort level with our officers to use it.”
--Joni Eddy, Assistant Chief,
City of Lewisville Police Dept. (TX)
“It's an excellent tool for catching evidence on video.”
--James Hart, Sacramento County Sheriffs Dept.

Case Studies

Toughbook® Arbitrator 360°™ provides solid-state digital recording with low light imaging and a high capacity SD card (SDHC) video and audio recorder. Integrating seamlessly with Toughbook mobile computers, the Toughbook Arbitrator is a complete mobile video solution, taking evidence capture and security to the next level.

Law Enforcement

[+] Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Police Department

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Police Department

As a result of an unwitnessed officer fatality, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department decided to invest in a mobile digital video system that would enable them to capture evidence and protect officers in the field. The department outfitted all 260 sheriff vehicles with the Toughbook Arbitrator, giving officers increased security, eye-witness corroboration and peace of mind. Using cutting edge technology, the Toughbook Arbitrator 360° automatically records video during traffic stops and high-speed chases. Sacramento County also employs the Arbitrator's wireless microphone, which clips to the officer's belt and records sound up to a distance of 1000 feet from the squad car. Once the incident is captured, the footage is automatically uploaded to a secure server, making the recordings secure and tamper-proof while ensuring the submission of reliable courtroom evidence.

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The Toughbook ROI Evaluator

The Toughbook ROI Evaluator is an application that objectively analyzes the costs/benefits of mobile computing solutions from different vendors. This vendor-neutral application is designed to help purchasing managers choose a solution that provides the best ROI (Return On Investment) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) based on their unique business needs. It performs a detailed cost analysis of up-front purchase cost, repair expenditures and downtime, specific product features, value of ownership, disposal, and much more.

This objective third-party interactive tool was built to answer the most critical questions asked by customers:

  • What will it cost to buy?
  • What will it cost to own?
  • What will it cost to deploy and decommission?
  • What value will be created for the organization?

The reports that are generated can be replicated, modified or entirely changed without any input from Panasonic, using Microsoft Excel.


Hi-Tech Cameras Keep Watch on Officers
(MyFox Tampa Bay, September 15, 2010)
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Panasonic Introduces Toughbook Arbitrator 360° In-Car Video System
(Police Magazine, September 30, 2009)
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Panasonic Unveils Toughbook® Arbitrator™ 360® In-Car Digital Video System to Capture Evidence Surrounding Entire Police Vehicle.
(September 30, 2009)
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Toughbook central by Trudy Walsh
(GCN, February 03, 2009)
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Panasonic Announces 2007 Toughbook Notebook Reseller Awards
(August 20, 2008)
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Bylined Articles

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Fixed Ops

"Deploying Mobile Technology: Lowest Total Cost of Ownership For a Competitive Edge"
With as many as 30 on-board computers, modern vehicles require the use of diagnostic devices for efficient repair. Employing service bay technology solutions with the right features, reliability, flexibility and support can be critical. In this article, Jason Smith, senior business development manager at Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, explains different features of mobile devices that can increase customer satisfaction and help dealerships achieve the greatest possible ROI.

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Integrated Solutions

"Navigate Mobile Technology Investments For A Competitive Edge"
According to a recent IDC Worldwide Mobile Worker Population Forecast, nearly 75% of the U.S. workforce will perform at least part of their jobs outside the traditional office space by the end of 2011. Rance M. Poehler, president of Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, outlines the necessary factors to consider when selecting the best mobile computing solution to meet the needs of a growing mobile workforce, while also minimizing hidden costs.

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"Wise Mobile Technology Investments in Tough Economic Times"
For water utilities deploying mobile computers, achieving the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is critical to improving efficiency and increasing profit. However, when budgets run tight, companies are often tempted to make mobile computer purchasing decisions based solely on sticker price. But this short-sighted approach can cost more in downtime, repairs and broken equipment. Jason Smith, senior business development manager at Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, explains how to calculate the true TCO of a device.

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Supply Chain Management

"Supply Chain and Logistics Markets Reap the Benefits of Ultra Mobile PCs"
In an atmosphere of growing competition, supply chain and logistics organizations are looking to technology to help them work more efficiently. Many companies are turning from proprietary handheld devices to open-platform ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs) for a complete solution. Jeff Tingley, senior business development manager at Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, discusses this trend and explains how ruggedized UMPCs are changing the face of the industry, delivering high performance and reliable connectivity in an ultraportable form factor.

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Police Chief

"Applying Digital In-Car Video Systems to Manage Evidence and Obtain Prosecutions"
In-car camera technology is one of the best tools agencies have to protect themselves and their officers from false allegations. These digital recording systems streamline video and audio capture and storage, ensuring that evidence is court-admissible. Joni Eddy, assistant chief of police in Lewisville, Texas, and Joe Martin, director of business development, government, for Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, details one agency's experiences in selecting and deploying digital video systems in its patrol fleet.

view article [pdf, 6.2m]

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Law and Order

"Business Leaders Look to 2008"
What are the challenges in law enforcement for 2008? According to Joe Martin, executive business developement manager for Panasonic, the top concerns are "safety" and "efficiency," not only in day-to-day operations but for the long-term. In this article, Joe discusses why ergonomic design and wireless and video capability, as well as reliability and durability are vital to the future of law enforcement.

view article [pdf, 67k]

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Network & Cabling

"Take Your Show on the Road"
As telecommunications technology improves, customers demand ever more services; therefore, it is vital that employees and field-service workers have the most reliable mobile computing tools on hand. Mike McMahon, director of workforce automation for Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, addresses the importance of reviewing all facets of implementation when choosing an effective mobile computing solution.

view article [pdf, 1mb]

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Business Solutions

"Quality Pays Off: Focus on TCO in Mobile Computers"
Mobile technology has progressed to a point where people can access anything, anywhere, using affordable and powerful tools. However, it is vital that these tools withstand harsh environments in the field. In this article, Sheila O'Neil, senior director of channel sales for Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, discusses the vital role that quality of hardware plays in the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a mobile computing solution.

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Health News Digest

"No Weak Links: Selecting Mobile Computing Solutions for Healthcare"
Over the past few years, more health organizations have turned to mobile technology to provide medical personnel instant access to vital documents and information. Greg Davidson, a business development manager responsible for healthcare mobile computing solutions at Panasonic, addresses the importance of ensuring that the best portable information systems are implemented in healthcare environments.

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Law Enforcement Technology

Looking Toward the "Agency of the Future."
Law enforcement agencies work closely with technology vendors to equip their officers with the best mobile tools available. Jan Ruderman, senior director, public sector, mobile computing solutions for Panasonic, outlines these up-and-coming technologies and discusses their benefits to the future of law enforcement.

view article [pdf, 196k]

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Transport Technology Today

"Opening the door to possibilities"
Not long ago, fleet operators gathering information on transport vehicles had to work with multiple computing systems that were not integrated. But, as technology has progressed, open systems have enabled the design of fully integrated, customizable computer systems. In this article, Bill Presler, senior business development manager for Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, offers best practices for building an optimal mobile operation.

view article [pdf, 111k]

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Water and Wastes Digest

"Evaluating mobile computing solutions for water utilities"
From meter reading to mapping to customer service, mobile computers play a vital role in the water industry. Often, these computers must perform in less-than-ideal conditions. Thell Gillis, business development manager for the energy, utilities and communications industries at Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, outlines the features mobile computing solutions must have in order to meet the needs of the water industry.

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"Mobile Computing Requires PCs "Ruggedized" for Working Environment"
Advancements in wireless technology and software have made mobile field automation and communication widely available to water and wastewater organizations. In this article, Rick Elliott, national sales manager for the utilities, energy and communications industries at Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, discusses how factors such as ruggedness, battery life and wireless capabilities are critical when evaluating mobile computing solutions.

White Papers

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The Role of Rugged PCs in Successful Rollouts of Smart Metering Systems

This IDC White Paper discusses the increasing trend toward smart metering systems in the utilities sector and details some of the IT requirements of the mobile workforce in this new usage scenario. The choice of a wrong device can lead to inefficiencies that multiply by the number of users, and that can easily scale to the thousands. The white paper presents two cases studies, helping to shed light on the challenges in selecting the right mobile computing solution, up to the solution delivered with rugged Toughbook mobile devices.

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The Next Generation of Ruggedized Handheld Devices will run Windows 7

Windows® Mobile—the standard operating system for many commercial implementations—will likely enter end-of-life in late 2010 as Microsoft emphasizes its new, consumer-oriented Mobile® 7 OS. That means that IT and business managers will soon face a tough decision as to which operating system to deploy on their fleets of handheld devices. An increasingly popular option: run Windows® 7 at the handheld-device level. This white paper outlines the many advantages Window® 7 offers mobile workers, building a strong case based on capabilities, operating efficiencies and reduced costs.

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Mapping Technical and Operational Challenges of Mobile Computing Deployments

Many organizations invest in mobile computing solutions based on inaccurate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models. The result is substantially higher ownership costs, poor customer service performance and lost revenue. This whitepaper reveals overlooked deployment costs and customer-specific operational details in TCO analysis, and explains how to leverage mobility investments into a true competitive advantage.

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Using Analytics for Better Mobile Technology Decisions

Different departments within organizations often define the value and true costs of mobile computing differently. Choosing a solution that minimizes Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), maximizes Return on Investment (ROI) and meets the needs of the entire organization requires an honest, vendor-neutral analysis. This white paper discusses how the Panasonic Toughbook ROI Evaluator uses actual corporate data to generate comprehensive analyses that help companies come to a consensus when making purchasing decisions.

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Assessing the Broad Business Case for Rugged Computing

Driven by the increase in mobile workers, new broadband technologies and the use of laptops in a wider range of environments, the demand for rugged, business laptops is rising. Today, nearly 60 percent of companies consider themselves a virtual workplace and many employers are currently looking to expand their mobile workforces. This white paper addresses these key demand drivers and provides a comprehensive overview on rugged mobile computing.

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The Business Case for Embedded Wireless Technologies in Mobile Enterprise Strategies

While mobile solutions have made great strides in the last decade, advancements in embedded wireless wide-area networking (WWAN) now offer business users even higher levels of portability and productivity. A growing number of companies are discarding their poor-performing, labor-intensive wireless network cards in favor of embedded wireless solutions. This white paper explores the latest developments in embedded wireless networking, as well as how it benefits both users and organizations.

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Realizing the Benefits of Digital In-Car Video for the Law Enforcement Community

Law enforcement professionals require a secure means of collecting and processing evidence for use in legal proceedings. A mobile digital video system can be an ideal solution. This white paper outlines the application and value of digital video solutions in law enforcement, focusing on incident capture and evidence.

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The Role of Rugged Mobile Computing in Overhaul, Service and Maintenance Operations

Rugged mobile computers have become increasingly vital in the overhaul, service and maintenance operations for automotive, aerospace and other large equipment manufacturers. These industries must continually increase productivity while keeping up with the latest technologies. This white paper discusses how rugged mobile computers make this possible with durable, portable solutions that withstand the harsh environments found in which they operate.

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Mobility and Reliability Make the Panasonic Toughbook Wireless Display a Winner for Operational Efficiency

Keeping mobile employees connected through wireless devices and lightweight communication tools is critical for companies wishing to achieve workflow efficiencies and cost savings. However, advancements in information technologies have also created new issues regarding data integrity and security. This white paper discusses the challenges businesses face and how the Toughbook 08 is designed to address these operational inefficiencies and privacy concerns.




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