Utilities Software Partners

Absolute Software

Absolute Software's Computrace® suite of software products provides a robust, multi-layered security solution to enable utilities to address issues of regulatory compliance, data protection, computer theft recovery and asset tracking. The application is embedded directly in the BIOS or firmware of a Toughbook mobile computer. Once active, it enables utility companies to track and recover stolen computers, delete data remotely to protect confidential information and detect unauthorized software or missing hardware. This solution runs seamlessly and transparently on Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers without compromising the computer's operation.

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Accent Business Services

Accent offers Varasset, a powerful, proven software application for managing utility assets, inspections, maintenance and corrections. Varasset improves safety compliance and increases the effectiveness of field operations staff. Varasset solves costly pole joint use issues and improves revenues. With highly configurable fields, layout, workflows, reports, security and other features, Varasset easily adapts to the unique needs of your utility.

If an organization has data that is scattered across legacy spreadsheets and databases then Varasset can solve the "disconnected data" problem by maintaining a single, integrated database that includes all of the organization's historical data. Varasset can also integrate with a company's GIS, work management and other systems, preventing future data discrepancies.




Autodesk helps utilities integrate, access and share infrastructure asset information, making it easier to handle customer requests and respond to outages more quickly. The company's solutions enable the integration of design and spatial data for enhanced access to information that can support decision analysis. Autodesk's innovative model-based, 2D and 3D mapping tools provide utility field service teams using Toughbook mobile computers with the most up-to-date and accurate spatial information, which helps improve efficiency, response times and customer satisfaction.




CGI is a leading independent information technology and business process services firm specializing in the electric, gas and water utilities industry, with special expertise in automated meter reading technology. The company's solutions, in conjunction with Toughbook® mobile computers, connect control rooms and crews, enabling real time operations management, GIS, billing, CRM (customer relationship management), mobile workforce management and outage management. CGI provides end-to-end services including technology management, application management, business process services and consulting and systems integration services to help reduce operating expenses and improve productivity.




From its early history, ClickSoftware has been the recognized leader in driving decision-making processes and helping service organizations get the most out of their resources. Today ClickSoftware offers a full range of service optimization solutions that work seamlessly with Toughbook® mobile computers to help organizations complete more calls per day, week, month and year. Job completion is the lifeblood of any service organization, and ClickSoftware's technology and expertise are at the heart of the most successful service operations around the world. ClickSoftware's customers represent a cross-section of industry leaders. More than 100 customers around the world have employed ClickSoftware service optimization solutions to achieve the highest levels of field service.




ESRI designs and develops leading geographic information system (GIS) technology. GIS technology running on Toughbook® mobile computers give utility companies the ability to manage and analyze large amounts of location-based information. Utilities can optimize field staff territories and organize thousands of customer locations. ESRI employs more than 4,000 engineers, technicians and other specialists to ensure its technology remains at the forefront of the GIS industry and to meet the changing needs of the utilities industry.




Har*GIS integrates mobile computing, enterprise applications, GIS and GPS technology with wireless communications to dramatically improve field force productivity. The TruckMap*™ product line running on Toughbook mobile computers is suitable for gas, electric, water and wastewater utilities. The software is scalable and offers various uses allowing easy integration of multiple data sources and applications onto a single platform. No programming or coding is needed to deploy TruckMap*™ to crews in the field.



Sybase iAnywhere

Sybase iAnywhere® software solutions make mobile applications just as reliable, secure and accessible as those at headquarters. iAnywhere Suite is a scalable mobile software platform that addresses the converging IT requirements of today's utilities. iAnywhere allows organizations to integrate, extend and leverage investments in their existing IT infrastructure when developing a mobile strategy.iAnywhere's open, cross-platform solutions running on Toughbook mobile computers securely deliver information anytime, anywhere. It combines email/messaging, mobile device management, enterprise-to-edge security and back-office application extension capabilities to empower users to get the job done anywhere.




The KorTerra® product suite is the utilities industry's most comprehensive workforce management and damage prevention software solution. In use since 1990, it interfaces with almost every One Call Center located in the country and effectively manages on-time response, management reporting and positive response, while keeping track of team performance in a real time, paperless environment. The KorTerra product suite serves contract locators, utilities and municipalities of all sizes and includes dispatch, claims management system, billing, payroll, positive response and mobile modules that run on Toughbook mobile computers. KorTerra hosts the software on its servers, offering customers wireless access over the internet.




Logica understands that today's utilities are on the move and require information and equipment to be in the right place at the right time. Logica software running on Toughbook mobile computers is designed to give utilities a more accurate and detailed view of business operations. Logica's unique combination of experience, industry knowledge and global delivery capabilities transform utilities by helping them adopt advanced technologies including smart metering, geospatial information systems (GIS), radio frequency identification (RFID) and real time enterprise asset management.




MapFrame™ offers FieldSmart®, an innovative map-based software product with built-in automation tools used by many utilities. With a winning track record and 25,000 deployed end-users, FieldSmart is one of the strongest mapping and field automation solutions. It is designed to handle a diverse set of data types including customer maps, drawings, images, text descriptions and databases. FieldSmart applications also provide analytical capabilities such as calculating costs, generating material lists, using engineering calculations, and accessing reference materials at the job site using Toughbook laptops with embedded mobile broadband technology. MapFrame offers the versatility to configure its technology to meet any office or mobile viewing requirements, while retaining the robust capabilities for which FieldSmart is known.



Mobile Epiphany

Mobile Epiphany is a software development company that creates enterprise-class mobile solutions that improve workflow and productivity across a variety of industries. In particular, the company's Touch Inspect™, a geospatially-intelligent, asset inspection and data collection technology, works with Panasonic Toughbook® computers to dramatically improve worker efficiency, user adoption, data accuracy and decision making from the field. Touch Inspect has been developed using the best practices of software function and graphical user interface design, and is infused with innovations from video game interface theory and navigational awareness precepts.


Oracle/SPL World Group

Oracle/SPL World Group® helps clients achieve a competitive advantage and excellence in business performance with software solutions specifically designed for the utilities market. The solutions run on Toughbook® mobile computers and encompass the full customer lifecycle, from prospect management, billing and customer care to quoting, credit and collections. SPL's technology for outage management and mobile workforce management provides a robust platform for managing residential, commercial and industrial customers in regulated and competitive markets, across multi-product service lines. SPL and its parent company, Oracle, offer complementary products with a shared focus on adaptive business processes and strive to deliver the most complete suite of end-to-end packaged revenue and operations management solutions for the unique needs of the utilities industry.



Reality Mobile

Since 2003, Reality Mobile has been advancing mobile video and data sharing technology. Today, the company provides the world's most comprehensive and easy-to-use mobile collaboration platform. Built on industry-standard infrastructure and operable on wireless networks including cellular and satellite, Reality Mobile's software allows enterprise organizations and government agencies to collectively visualize high-value assets and share data on Panasonic Toughbook® computers with colleagues anywhere in the world—in real time.




Syclo offers the most comprehensive family of prebuilt mobile products on the market today. Built on its flagship development platform Agentry™, Syclo's rapidly deployable SMART Mobile Suite runs on a variety of mobile devices, including Panasonic Toughbook computers, and supports real time wireless and offline computing. SMART is used by hundreds of organizations to improve productivity and streamline workflow for field service teams, sales organizations, maintenance groups, engineers and inspectors. More than 750 organizations across industries, including utilities, oil and gas, government, field service, asset management and manufacturing, in 37 countries have deployed Syclo's mobile software.




Telogis offers a comprehensive array of Mobile Workforce and fleet management solutions for enterprises. Telogis Mobile connects workers in the field to their back office with 2-way messaging, HOS reporting, dynamic job management and route optimization. Telogis Mobile connects seamlessly with Telogis Fleet, the most comprehensive fleet management solution in the market. Improve operations, asset utilization and driver safety with GPS software that scales to fleets of all sizes. Reduce labor and fuel costs by minimizing idle time and total mileage while getting the same quantity of work done. Running on wireless- and GPS-enabled Toughbook® rugged computers, Telogis' software improves productivity and reduces operating costs for the enterprise.



TerraGo Technologies

TerraGo Technologies provides mapping solutions to the utilities industry that, when installed on Toughbook® mobile computers, are designed to perform and deliver even under disaster conditions when utilities need them most. The company's GeoPDF and Map2PDF products leverage Adobe's portable document format (PDF) to generate and share up-to-date mapping data, including details on infrastructure, outages and current conditions between mobile workers and base operations. Maps are created using GIS software and then exported as a GeoPDF file using Map2PDF. GeoPDF files can be easily distributed, viewed and used by anyone with Adobe Acrobat Reader and the GeoPDF Toolbar, a free small-footprint plug-in. The GeoPDF geospatial data distribution and collaboration format helps utility workers effectively manage and maintain infrastructure, and also respond quickly and efficiently to emergency situations.



Ventyx (formerly MDSI Mobile Data Solutions)

Ventyx is one of the most trusted providers of mobile workforce management solutions. The company's field-proven flagship product, Advantex™, in conjunction with Toughbook® laptops, allows utilities to provide optimal service delivery while reducing costs and streamlining processes. Ventyx's unique approach to transforming traditional service functions enables companies to increase productivity and lower costs by improving asset performance, streamlining the supply chain, enhancing workforce efficiency and maximizing overall financial performance. The company's service delivery management strategy and software architecture synchronizes call center, workforce scheduling, dispatch, parts inventory, and sales and billing, while providing the visibility, information and control required to make decisions that benefit customers and the organization.



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