ELS Surround Premium Audio Vehicles

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In-Dash 6-CD/DVD-Audio Changer Mechanism & In-Dash single CD/DVD-Audio Playback Mechanism
Panasonic has developed a first to market solution to provide the convenience of multiple CD/DVD-Audio disc playback for in-radio applications. Derived from the current Panasonic 6-CD in dash changer mechanism the new CD/DVD-Audio changer will make the transition to CD/DVD-Audio a natural progression for new vehicle designers.

Panasonic is focused on a variety of CD/DVD-Audio playback devices. The new in-dash single play mechanism provides the smallest package size for flexible system applications.

High Resolution Amplifier
Most current automotive amplifiers are designed for stereo (2-channel) source material. Panasonic's OEM automotive amplifier has a dedicated 6-channel input/output architecture combined with Panasonic's unique dynamics processing that reduces audible distortion and recreates the experience and excitement of the original performance.

Advanced Speaker Technologies
With the advanced audio capability of today's recordings in Frequency Response, Dynamic Range and Multi-Channel source material, Panasonic has developed a line of speaker products specifically designed for surround systems in new vehicles.