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ELS Studio Premium Audio - Acura ILX

ELS Studio® Premium Audio System, From the Studio, to your ILX
  • ELS Studio Premium Audio is the result of a unique collaboration between Acura, Panasonic, and Grammy award winning producer, Elliot Scheiner. Together they have created the ultimate automotive listening experience.
ELS Studio has earned wide acclaim from music industry professionals for using six channels instead of two, and 10 speakers to immerse you in sound.
Elliot Scheiner, who has produced hits with the Eagles and Steely Dan says, "With the ELS Studio audio system we can finally capture and reproduce music the way we hear it in the studio -- I believe the ELS Studio audio system will be considered a benchmark in achieving the highest sound quality in an automobile."
Elliot, in concert with Panasonic engineers, carefully tune the system to maximize the performance of the audio components within the Acura ILX. So whether listening to CD, DVD, MP3, or radio, the ELS Studio system provides a remarkably accurate musical experience. MORE INFO>
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