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ELS Surround Premium Audio - Acura TL

ELS Surround® Premium Audio System: Living up to the Acura standard
  • Only ELS Surround Premium Audio could live up to the standards set by Acura. That's why it's offered standard in the TL. ELS Surround Premium Audio marks a dramatic shift from standard automotive audio systems where only two channels (left and right) are available. The surround sound system uses eight independent channels to immerse you in sound.
It also features new, high-quality speakers, including extended range tweeters, low distortion mid-range and Super Dynamic Range (SDR) bass speakers to lower extraneous noise, saturation and distortion, revealing previously unnoticed audio detail.
A new Super Low Distortion Driver (SLDD) subwoofer allows the system to obtain a deep, powerful bass — while minimizing spurious vibration and rattle.
Elliot, in concert with Panasonic engineers, carefully tune the system to maximize the performance of the audio components within the Acura TL. So whether listening to CD, DVD, MP3, or radio, the ELS Surround system provides a remarkably accurate musical experience. MORE INFO>
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