Now you're cooking! Here is where it all happens--our team of chefs is your team of chefs. When you buy Panasonic commercial cooking equipment, our chefs are right there with you! For the life of the equipment. If you need a menu analysis to determine which products can be partially or fully prepared on our equipment, we're here to help. HACCP, special diet needs, and applications... these are just some examples of the support Panasonic provides in the Test Kitchen.

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BBQ Chicken

Use the Panasonic Sonic Steamer to make your favorite appetizer, BBQ Chicken, within 15 minutes. Click here to get the recipe.

* Cooking Time Depends on Model.
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Sonic Steamer
The Sonic Steamer® is so powerful, it brightens faces and generates smiles from your most important customers. So many delicious items — from breakfast burritos to pastries, and everything in-between — are more nutritious…better tasting…and cook oh, so fast. That's the power to please. And dependable? Hey, it's the Sonic Steamer® from Panasonic!

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