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…on the free and abundant energy of the sun
Most places have plenty of solar energy available to meet some, or all of your needs. Homes located in areas with ample sunlight, where electricity prices are high, or where access to the electric grid is difficult, unstable or unreliable, are all ideal locations to install solar systems. Homes near a coast with frequent fog, in areas of constant rain and clouds, or that have very low electric rates, are less desirable for solar systems.

Solar systems work when sunlight strikes a solar photovoltaic module (called a solar panel, or PV panel) and excites electrons trapped in the silicon solar cell. The electrons travel through wires on the back of the solar panel and into your house, to be used immediately or sent to your electric utility. During the night, power for your house is provided by your utility. And, because your solar system has no moving parts, and no mechanical wear and tear, it will last for many years with only minimal maintenance.

Plus, if you’re wondering how a solar system will look on your house, wonder no more. Solar panels can be arranged to follow the contours of your rooflines, and blend in with the look of your home.

HIT Power S Series

As temperatures rise, HIT Power solar panels produce 10% or more electricity (kWh) than conventional crystalline silicon solar panels at the same temperature.

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