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Energy decisions are not simple in today's world. Technology is changing rapidly, environmental rules are growing in complexity, and consumers are demanding greater eco awareness from the businesses and institutions that serve them.

Whether your operation is small or large, whether your energy bills run $6,000 per month or $600,000 per month, Panasonic can help you lower your energy costs, green your power supply, and achieve greater energy efficiency.

A global enterprise with a 100-year history of accomplishment, Panasonic brings financial resources and expertise to your energy project. We're with you all along the way with our end-to-end Eco Solutions. We handle assessment, design, financing, installation, operations and maintenance, and decommissioning.

We find the best solution for your unique energy profile, business strategy, budget and customer or client base. We can help the store seeking to green its operation with solar panels, the hospital pursuing a cost-effective way to meet both electric and hot water demands; and the data center that must have high quality, reliable power….to name a few.

Panasonic's creativity and capability makes it a leader in energy generation, whether from solar, fuel cells or combined heat and power. In addition, we offer a range of best-of-breed gadgets and technologies that solve energy problems that often plague buildings and their occupants.


Problem: Poor ventilation that can make a building 'sick'
Solution: Panasonic's smart ventilation fans

Poor ventilation can make indoor air more polluted than a smoggy city. It can lead to mold growth, unpleasant odors and energy waste. Conventional ventilation systems doesn't always help, especially in hotels, dormitories and gyms, where they are needed most. Too often guests and students forget to turn on the exhaust fan, exposing the building to mold growth. Or they forget to turn it off, ramping up the energy bill.

Panasonic solves the problem by removing human forgetfulness from the equation. Our mechanical ventilation systems operate automatically with the assistance of integrated motion sensors and time delay controls. Panasonic's SmartAction® Motion Sensor automatically activates whenever someone enters the room, automatically turning on the fan to remove moisture and helping to prevent mold and mildew. Already remarkably energy efficient, our auto shut off feature can help eliminate unnecessary energy use and reduce future operating costs.

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Problem: Poor lighting and overly complicated lighting systems
Solution: Panasonic's advanced lighting controls

Researchers have found that people often want to conserve electricity, but sometimes become so confused by the instructions on light switches, they either make wrong choices or give up trying.

Panasonic offers lighting technology that is not only easy to use, but also easy to install and program. Simple to wire, our lighting solutions integrate fluidly with your building management or automation system, so that you have a single point of energy management for the entire building. Owners can update the system with little time or expense.

Our intuitive and smart controls reduce energy bills and improve light quality, all while meeting today's electrical standards and anticipating those to come tomorrow.

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Cordless Power Tools: Construction

Need of a high performance cordless power tool with extreme run time?
Turn to Panasonic Power Tools with Dual Voltage Technology

Repairs, changes and renovations are constant in any commercial building. The trick is to get them done as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to business. When power tools are used on a jobsite, stopping to constantly charge batteries slows progress. Panasonic manufactures cordless power tools, with extreme run time featuring the highest battery capacity in the industry — 4.2Ah. The new line of tools also features Dual Voltage Technology. Simply switch between 18V and 14.4V Li-ion batteries to achieve the highest maximum power to get the job done. It also features Tough IP56 — Water and Dust Resistance. Panasonic delivers solutions by offering a line of drill and drivers, impact wrenches, impact drivers, reciprocating saw and more.

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Cordless Power Tools: Assembly Tools

Need quality control, accuracy and increased production?
Panasonic Assembly Tools can help.

Panasonic is a leading manufacturer of production tools that include intelligent, cordless shut-off tools, low torque cordless clutch tools and cordless non shut-off tools. Ergonomics, weight and quality control drive the design, providing operators with comfort, freedom of motion and reduced fatigue. The result is increased production. Panasonic's production tools offer little or no reaction up to 100 Nm of torque, demonstrating the importance of ergonomics. We even offer an advanced, intelligent shut-off tool that is wireless and communicates to a controller for additional error proofing, data collection and line control.

Panasonic Assembly Tools are ideal for any assembly process where quality and ergonomics are important. At Panasonic, we engineer power tools to meet the highest standards — yours.

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