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Panasonic Assembly tools

Manufacturers are finding that operators are injuring themselves by tripping over air hoses and electric tool cables. Switching to Panasonic Cordless Assembly Tools eliminates the safety hazards of air hoses and electric tool cables. An advantage of using cordless power tools is that they allow you to eliminate air hose and tool cable damage since they can be very abrasive when moved across a finished surface. Panasonic Cordless Tools reduce rework cost and lost production time.

Reduce the overall assembly process time with production tools. Panasonic Assembly Tools automatically shuts-off and instantly provides the operator a visual for OK / NOK status indicating to move on to the next fastener. The highly visible LED light can be seen from the rear of the tool and helps the operator know whether to move on to the next fastener or stop and rework the product.

Quality control is always looking to improve their products and reduce the amount of defects. By utilizing a wireless communication and connecting the tool to a Panasonic Assembly Qualifier, batch counting and line control can be incorporated to prevent defects from moving down the assembly line.

Furthermore, torque data can be transferred via Zigbee communication to an Assembly Qualifier controller for data collection. With the use of a bar code scanner or PLC, the torque data can be married to a serial number for more detailed data collection.

Assembly Tool Products
Panasonic's Assembly Tool Division is a leading manufacturer of production tools that include intelligent cordless shut-off tools, Low torque cordless clutch tools and cordless non shut-off tools. Ergonomics, weight and quality control drove the design providing operators with comfort, freedom of motion and reduced fatigue leading to increased production.
Cost Savings Analysis
Cost Savings Analysis
Saving money through reducing electrical usage, helping the environment, increasing safety, improving quality throughout, cutting maintenance expenses and minimizing installation are all small advantages of using Panasonic Assembly Tools adding up to a large savings. Try the Energy Savings Calculator to see how much your plant can save by switching to Panasonic Cordless Tools.
Assembly Tools - Features and Benefits
Assembly Tools - Features and Benefits
Panasonic is playing a role in helping manufacturers save money and reduce CO2 Emissions by assisting in the replacement of air tools with more efficient cordless tools. An advantage of Panasonic's production tools offer little to no reaction up to 100 Nm of torque demonstrating the importance of ergonomics. Advanced versions of the intelligent shut-off tool include a wireless version which can communicate to a controller for additional error proofing, data collection and line control.
Panasonic Assembly Tools are ideal for any assembly process where quality and ergonomics are important. At Panasonic, we engineer power tools to meet the highest standards - yours.
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