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Solar for the home

Not so long ago, solar PV was too costly for most homeowners. But panel prices have fallen dramatically over the last few years. And more importantly, new innovations in financing now spare homeowners any upfront costs. Moreover, these arrangements typically guarantee homeowners low and predictable electricity bills for 20 years.

With solar, consumers take command of the home’s energy future. They become less reliant on the utility grid, as they generate power from their own rooftops, using one of the most sustainable forms of energy on the planet.

It’s a big step, and Panasonic can help with our solar HIT panels, used by premier solar installers and distributors and increasingly available on the global market.

But Panasonic’s eco home advantage doesn’t stop with solar…
Vent Fans and Cordless Power Tools
Builders are increasingly adept at keeping our homes weather-tight. While this reduces energy bills, it also can trap stale air inside. Exchanging trapped air with fresh air is vital to our health, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Exposure to toxins can cause respiratory disease, heart problems and cancer. Poor ventilation also encourages mold and mildew, which both harm health and damage our homes. Panasonic offers advanced energy efficient ventilation systems that keep the air in your home clear and healthy. Our Whisper line of exhaust fans can provide spot or whole house ventilation. Panasonic also offers a balanced Spot ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) system which exhausts stale air in the home and simultaneously supplies fresh air.

Our world is becoming increasingly electric. But for all its conveniences, power has drawbacks. For example, have you ever been in the middle of a crucial home repair only to have the batteries die in your power tool? Panasonic helps your power tools run longer through its advanced battery technology. In fact, Panasonic Cordless Tools offer the highest battery capacity in the industry.