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Panasonic Assembly Tools are ideal for any assembly process where quality and ergonomics are important. At Panasonic, we engineer power tools to meet the highest standards - yours.

1. Aerospace
    a. Instrument Panel
    b. Interior Components

2. General Industry
    a. White Goods
        i. Door Build Up
        ii. Electric Components
        iii. Enclosures
        iv. Hose Clamps
        v. Plastic Panels
        vi. Pumps
        vii. Valves

3. Automotive
    a. Door Panels
    b. Instrument Panel
    c. Electrical Components
    d. Engine Components
    e. Suspension Components

4. Electronics
    a. Circuit Board
    b. Enclosures

5. Furniture
    a. Framing
    b. Shelves

6. Heavy Equipment / Off Road
    a. Engine Components
    b. Interior Components
    c. Hose Clamps
    d. Hydraulic Connections (Code 61 & 62)
    e. Steel & Plastic Panels
    f. Wheels

7. Medical Equipment
    a. Electronic Components
    b. Housing Enclosure

8. Recreational Vehicles
    a. ATV’s
    b. Boats
    c. Campers
    d. Motorcycles
    e. Snowmobiles
    f. UTV’s