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Full-2Way Lighting Controls

The Panasonic Full-2Way Lighting Controls System provides centralized monitoring and controls utilizing a "Building-Block" methodology for simple design and installation. Each panel component has a specific function. When combined, a host of Full-2Way control features provides design flexibility and solutions for energy efficient lighting applications.

Panasonic employs a low-voltage (24V) Two-Wire system for connecting each component. This Polarity-Neutral system allows interchangeable connections that make wiring easier. This two wire, polarity netural connection allows the Full-2Way System to be connected using “Star”, “Branch” and/or "T" Topology making the system easy to install and expand.

When you add up all the features above; the modular "building-block" components with Two-Wire, Polarity-Neutral and Topology-Free wiring, you have a centralized monitoring lighting control system unlike any other.

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