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Lighting Controls Relays

Panasonic 20A HID relays have been the industry standard for more than a decade. Their durable design provides reliable control for lighting and plugs loads and makes safety a priority.

The mechanically latching design requires only a momentary pulse to change its state and requires no energy to maintain its state. The 20A HID relay is also available with an auxiliary contact output for low-voltage status feedback.

Panasonic Granted UL Electronic Ballast Rating Electronic ballasts have a high “inrush” (typically 50X to 100X normal operating current) that will damage any connected switching component. The UL Electronic Ballast Rating is given to products that out perform the rigorous testing to withstand the excess inrush current.

For additional functionality, Panasonic relays can be combined with our WR8501-8 or WR8503-8 One-Shot Switches to simplify design and provide both relay control and status feedback in a lighting control system.

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