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HIT -Ideal solar panel for Hawaii

Panasonic HIT Solar Panel is one of the highest efficient solar panels globally yielding one of the world’s highest power generation per installation areas.

HIT Solar Panel generates more power per square feet than conventional products. Why is that important to you? More power generation means more savings for your utility bill.

Choose a solar panel with higher efficiency and get more energy from the sun!
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What are the concerns for the Hawaii Market?
  1. Limited area for PV installation
  2. High temperatures through the year
  3. High utility bills
Why HIT Solar Panels for Hawaii?

Reason 1: More Power generation in limited space.

Panasonic HIT Solar Panel is one of the highest efficient solar panels in the world that enable more power generation per square foot than conventional solar panels. In summary, your home can acquire more energy with limited roof area.
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Reason 2: More power generation even at high temperatures.

Do you know that power output for conventional solar panels decreases at high temperature? Panasonic HIT solar cells have a unique structure that allows it to maintain high efficiency and performance at high temperatures.
HIT Cell Technology High performance at high temperature

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Reason 3: More Power Generation in PV system lifetime = More utility bill savings in 25 years.

With Panasonic HIT Solar Panel, you can get more power generation in a limited area and save more on your utility bill in 25 years. Make the decision now to install HIT Solar PV system!
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