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Panasonic HIT Technology

Panasonic’s HIT solar panels generate more power per installed area than conventional solar panels and even more under high temperature and low light conditions.
What makes HIT solar cells and panels from Pansonic unique?
  • HIT = More Power
    Ultra High Efficiency - 19.3% cell, 17.1% module (215W) means more power per square foot
  • HIT = Low Temp Coefficient
    Excellent temperature characteristics – substantial energy output under high temperature conditions, resulting in up to 10% more power per rated watt than conventional solar panels
  • HIT = Power Guarantee
    100% power tolerance – HIT panels will perform at their rated power or even better at the time of purchase
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HIT = More Electricity

The impressive performance features you see above are not the only reasons Panasonic’s HIT solar panels are unique; Panasonic’s HIT solar cells are also made at a lower temperature than traditional cells, requiring less energy and materials to produce for a more environmentally-friendly manufacturing process.

Would you expect anything less from the solar pioneers?

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