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Why Panasonic Solar

Why Panasonic Solar

Panasonic Experience

Panasonic Experience
At Panasonic, we take pride in being pioneers in solar power.
As pioneers in solar power, our commitment to solar energy is reflected in the 30 years we have spent refining our technology. Coming from a global leader in high efficiency and innovative solar solutions, Panasonic's customers have come to expect technologically–advanced solar panels.

What does this mean for you?

Attractive, reliable solar panel solutions that generate more power and savings than conventional solar solutions. What’s more, Panasonic’s HIT solar panels are designed with an eye for aesthetics, making them attractive additions to any home.

View a Panasonic success story:

Panasonic has provided innovative solar solutions to a host of communities across the country. Click the links below to view some of Panasonic's recent solar installations.

Panasonic Technology

Panasonic Technology
Ok, so Panasonic's HIT solar panels have the most technologically-advanced solar cells in the world, but how do I know that choosing HIT solar panels from Panasonic makes practical and financial sense? Panasonic's commitment to technology allows us to bring you time-tested products proven to perform.

Here are just a few reasons why choosing HIT solar panels from Panasonic for your solar installation makes sense:
  • Panasonic's HIT solar panels generate significantly more energy than conventional solar panels.
  • The superior power output of Panasonic's HIT solar panels means fewer panels need to be installed to reach the same power goal.
  • More energy generated per panel = more savings on utility bills. Relying on your Panasonic solar installation for more energy means less energy dependence and more energy independence.
  • Peace of mind knowing your installation is backed by a Japanese electronics company who will be in business for the long haul.