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Energy Efficiency Solutions

Do more with less
The least expensive kilowatt is the one never used. That's why we encourage energy efficiency. It's just good economics.

Panasonic's energy efficiency products help your facility produce more with less energy. The advantage is obvious. Operating costs drop, freeing up capital and better positioning your operation in today's competitive world. But where to begin? Energy efficiency is no longer just about saving energy. A bevy of new, smart technologies also enhance lighting quality and indoor climate comfort, while automating your conservation efforts.

In addition, buildings are increasingly being rated under more complex measures, such as new LEED standards, ENERGY STAR®, and Building MPG. Some cities are even making public the energy profiles of large, private buildings.

A world-wide technology leader, Panasonic offers products and equipment to make your building or operation an energy efficiency star.

Turn to Panasonic for best-in-the-business:
  • High efficiency lighting and lighting controls
  • Ventilation fans
  • Efficient motors and variable speed drives

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Panasonic leads in lighting

Lights typically account for 20-50% of electricity use for a business, so advanced lighting can provide significant energy savings. Panasonic is a leader in bringing to market the ‘light emitting diode', more commonly known as the LED light. Our LED video displays are a hallmark in sports arenas and other venues. When coupled with lighting controls like Panasonic's Full 2Way lighting control system, LED lights offer your facility superior energy savings.

Managing energy with intelligence

Installing efficient light bulbs, air conditioning and motors is only the start. Today's smart energy systems key in on human behavior in the building. Sensors detect when workers and customers come go, or when natural lighting fades. Smart controls automatically adjust lights, room temperature and humidity for ease on eyes, climate comfort and energy savings. Centralized systems turn off computers accidentally left on at night or detect equipment malfunctions that waste energy.

Our energy experts bring you the best of this new interconnected intelligence. Panasonic re-commissions, optimizes systems, and sets up central energy management for your facility with state-of-the-art design and technology. Your building quietly creates a more appealing atmosphere for workers and patrons — while at the same time reducing your energy costs.