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Energy Storage Solutions

Solving the storage problem
Power storage represents one of the most vexing energy problems of our times. Electricity disappears unless it is used almost immediately after it is generated. This forces electric grid operators to engage in a constant balancing of supply and demand. And when the scales tip toward scarcity, electricity prices spike, a misfortune that occurs most often on hot days when we use a lot of air conditioning or when a storm damages utility infrastructure.

Fortunately, better batteries and other smart energy technologies are beginning to solve the storage problem — and Panasonic is on the vanguard of these breakthroughs. We are developing new applications every day based on our leading lithium-ion battery technology.

Our batteries are used in a broad range of applications, including plug-in electric vehicles, which are viewed by energy planners as the future of energy storage. They envision car owners charging their vehicles at night, a time when electricity is cheap and plentiful. And if the vehicle owner doesn't use all of the charge, the utility will buy back the power during times of peak energy demand. More storage means less need to construct large power plants, saving all of us money.

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Bolstering a green grid

Storage is especially important to the eco-conscious energy consumer. Some of our cleanest forms of electric generation, solar and wind, are intermittent. They only work when the sun shines or wind blows. So unless we can store their energy, we must revert to use of fossil fuels and nuclear power on cloudy and still days.

Fortunately, today's smart energy management systems allow us to increasingly store and redirect energy use to overcome the intermittency of renewable energy. Panasonic's work in battery technology opens up the possibility of more sophisticated load management and power quality solutions for utilities, businesses and homeowners. As we advance our battery products, we can look to a future where they will routinely be used by:

  • Utilities to stabilize grid operations
  • Businesses that seek to maximize the effectiveness of distributed energy or improve power quality and save on energy costs
  • Homeowners trying to get the most out of a rooftop solar installation, seeking back-up generation, and trying to reduce energy costs
  • Review our storage products.
  • Download a brochure on our Kasai Green Energy Park, an example of the world's largest use of solar and lithium-ion battery power storage.