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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

A growing body of research indicates that the air we breathe in cities is actually cleaner than the air inside our homes and buildings, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Pollutants that accumulate in our homes put us at risk for respiratory problems, heart disease and cancer.

Air pollution develops in our homes for a host of reasons. Our use of cleaners, paints, glue and pesticides or items we bring into the home such as carpeting and furniture all contribute, as do some building materials that are used to construct our homes.

However, our homes are also being built tighter and more energy-efficient. The EPA advises that we do a better job of ventilating our homes. Where can you turn?

For a healthier home, look to Panasonic.

Panasonic is proud to be recognized by the EPA for the fourth consecutive year, earning their most prestigious ENERGY STAR® honor, the Sustained Excellence 2013 Award. Sustained excellence is precisely what we strive for as evidenced by our legacy of providing high performance, energy-efficient ventilation solutions.

Highly efficient, our mechanical ventilation systems offer a way to improve your indoor air quality. Use our Whisper line of exhaust fans for spot or whole house ventilation. Panasonic also offers a balanced system (Spot ERV or Energy Recovery Ventilator) that simultaneously exhausts stale air from the home and replaces it with fresh air.

See what the EPA says about our ventilation systems.arrow