Incredible Ease of Installation

Custom Plug-in Architecture
Our interchangeable multi-function slots (on back) allow you to customize your pro plasma with different connectivity and control terminal boards to assure seamless integration into virtually any professional environment. Add, swap or upgrade digital and analog connections as needed or as your needs change over time. Various control modules allow content to be delivered to multiple displays simultaneously, or have content downloaded for playback at a schedule time. All of this functionality can be remotely operated and controlled based on your need for a completely integrated solution.

Professional Features
Built-in features allow you to quickly configure applications such as video walls by using image processing and an ID remote for control of the individual displays. Video conferencing is simplified with both video and data Picture-in-Picture capabilities. Digital Signage applications are simplified with auto power on/off and scheduled timers plus a variety of control settings which prevent tampering.

Mounting Options
Your customized installation would not be complete without a custom mounting solution. Panasonic provides a wide variety of mounting solutions including stands, ultra-thin wall mounts, rollaway stands, and pull-out style wall brackets.

Third Party Integration
Panasonic works with approved third party suppliers to provide both hardware and software solutions for application-specific needs.

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Calibration and Operation of Panasonic Plasma Monitors
Plasma video monitors provide high resolution images with excellent contrast and dynamic range, low black levels, and saturated colors over very wide viewing angles. The performance of a calibrated plasma monitor is very close to that of a calibrated reference CRT monitor.

However, plasma monitors perform best after calibration, as opposed to simply being used with their factory settings. The user menu provides several tools to effect calibration, each of which will be discussed in this paper as part of a step-by-step calibration process.

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Using Professional Plasma Displays as Evaluation-Grade Video Monitors
Plasma technology is now and will continue to be an excellent choice for many evaluation‐grade monitor applications in the production and post‐production of film and video content, as well as specialized applications like 3D imaging, computer graphics, and simulation.

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