Panasonic Professional Plasma Displays are among the most reliable in the industry with 100,000 hours of service life. This provides customers with approximately seven years of continuous use, or more than 20 years of typical operation before the panel reaches a 50% brightness performance level. This specification is even more remarkable as Panasonic has recently improved the brightness by 20%.

This high-level 100,000-hour service life has also greatly improved Panasonic Plasmas resistance to image burn-in. This performance now exceeds the typical burn-in resistance provided in conventional CRT TVs, meaning that if your current CRT technology has not burned in, neither will your Panasonic Plasma in similar operation. While no technology including DLP or LCD is immune to burn-in, (or what is called Static Image Retention) the Panasonic Plasma, when operated as outlined in the product instruction manual, will resist burn-in in the vast majority of all applications.

Panasonic backs each professional plasma with a 2-year parts and labor warranty including on-site customer support.

Panasonic professional series are designed from the ground up for professional installations and are engineered separately from the Panasonic consumer models, with different performance characteristics. Professional models also offer a unique appearance and design, which is a key differentiator over some competitive models, which can be re-packaged consumer units.

Some of the specialized design features include the plug-in modular architecture for customized installations. Mounting is flexible in both portrait and landscape orientations for most models, providing the appropriate airflow in either position. There is a protective glass on our plasmas helping to prevent accidental damage to the panel by customers striking the panel and / or the occasional artistic child. The plasma's front glass protects the display from mild strikes and can be easily cleaned with non-abrasive soap and water removing dirt, fingerprints and even crayon marks.

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