Plasma & LCD Uses

Command and control
With its multi-viewing capabilities, the Panasonic 103-inch plasma is an ideal choice for command and control environments where crystal-clear images must be displayed accurately, reliably, and often for extended periods of time. Panasonic 1080p HD plasmas easily outperform projection displays in terms of image quality, and can be installed in places where bulky, conventional direct-viewing displays cannot.

Incorporating advanced maximum 18-bit digital image processing - the world's highest in the industry – Panasonic's HD plasma models reproduce crisp, clear motion picture images with the equivalent of 6,144 gradation steps. This gradation level enhances image depth, while conveying fine detail, two qualities essential for command and control display monitors.

Solving command and control in the Big Apple
Staffers at New York's City Hall need to stay abreast of municipal news and event updates as they happen. Blast email alerts were inefficient, since news would only be received if email was checked. City officials determined that a centralized display solution was needed. City Hall's large size - 70 feet by 40 feet, with 26-foot high ceilings - dwarfed even a 65-inch screen. A projection system or a multiple display video wall was ruled out primarily for aesthetic reasons, as officials wanted to retain as much of the historical building's ambiance as possible. It was also determined that there was not enough space to install enough standard sized multiple displays in order to meet communication objectives.

A single Panasonic 103-inch High Definition Plasma Display was installed in the main room. The plasma display was outfitted with DVI, HDMI, component video, and PC input plug-in modules, enabling matrixing of multiple feeds on a single 103-inch screen. The purpose was to allow staffers to monitor a mixture of news and event updates simultaneously, while having the ability to play back video content in High Definition via the Panasonic Blu-ray Disc Player. In addition to showing cable and local television channels, the 103-inch displays real-time 311 call statistics and a live video feed from NYC-TV's City Drive Live traffic cameras.

Busy staffers now get a general view of a wide range of municipal news and event information, in real time, with the ability to get a focused view of city events as crisis/ emergencies break. This enables the staffers to share the same information, see the same pictures, allowing the office to react as a single entity. Additionally, having a central informational source has cut down on the amount of email inbox clutter. The Panasonic plasma's large103-inch size adds impact to viewable content such as breaking news briefs or announcements by the mayor. Additionally, Blu-ray disc playback functionality gives staffers the ability to view recorded content at full 1080p HD quality.

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