Awe-inspiring Image Quality

Sharp & Clear Fast Motion Images
Panasonic pro plasmas handle fast-motion video in real time without the motion blur or lag common in other large-screen displays. Each pixel of Panasonic Pro series plasma responds in 1/600th of a second, or approximately 1.67 msec outperforming many competitive flat panel technologies.

Motion Noise Reduction
An advanced video processor detects motion, and variations in the amount of motion, in patterns over the entire image and applies adjustments to sharpen each pattern area independently for a consistently sharp image. This processing produces exceptional video quality when watching content such as sports where the foreground contains fast action, while the background may be static with various types of motion activities throughout the image.

Crisp lines
Precise control of objects and boundaries between objects is managed by the Sub-Pixel Controller which eliminates jagged or blurred diagonal lines and produces smoother edges. Unlike conventional systems in which the three RGB colors are processed together, this advanced system processes each color separately for crisper, more natural-looking images. This processing can produce a 30% improvement in perceived horizontal resolution compared with conventional systems.

Industry Leading Image Quality
These technology advancements help Panasonic's professional plasma displays receive rave reviews for image reproduction and image quality among the experts in the industry.

Other technologies may lose up to 50% to 70% of their clarity and perceived resolution in fast motion due to slow response times and latency issues while the Panasonic Professional Series plasmas will maintain a much higher perceived resolution in fast motion, delivering the maximum image quality from the Full HD 1080p resolution.

Beautiful & Brilliant Colors
For our 1080p displays, when in Super Cinema mode, Digital Color Reality accurately reproduces the warmth of light and delicate shading in each scene by continuously adjusting the white balance and performing gamma correction as the image changes. In addition, our 1080p plasmas reproduce the entire color range specified in the HDTV standard (ITU-R, BT709), so colors are natural looking and faithful to the original HD source.

Our pro plasmas feature 16-bit processing to reproduce super-crisp motion pictures with an astounding 8,192 steps of gradation (VX200 Series), so you get the blackest blacks and the whitest whites.

Full HD Resolution
Panasonic full 1080p HD plasma models offer more than 2 million pixels (1920 horizontal x 1080 vertical) - about twice as many as our standard HD models. They provide an industry-leading 8,192 (VX200) equivalent steps of gradation and a phenomenal image quality that's uniformly clear, sharp and super-detailed across the entire screen surface.
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