Super Dynamic 5
Panasonic's pursuit for cutting edge technology continues with i-PRO SmartHD. The third generation i-PRO technology boasts Full HD image viewing quality, H.264 (High Profile) Compression and Face Detection and Face Matching capabilities. i-PRO regular features such as Adaptive Black Stretch (ABS), High Sensitivity and Auto Back Focus (ABF) are all present, taking the i-PRO portfolio to a whole new level. The cameras are available in fixed dome, fixed box or PTZ format.

1.3 MOS Sensor

1.3 MOS Sensor

The unique technology of 3rd generation i-PRO is the MOS sensor that realizes High Definition (HD) images with exquisite color reproduction. Additionally, i-PRO SmartHD cameras have dramatically improved low light capability so you can clearly view images in virtually any lighting condition.
UniPhier LSI

UniPhier® LSI

Panasonic has united all of its video technology with the UniPhier® LSI Computer Chip. Compliant with the H.264 High Profile Format, UniPhier® technology has made it possible to stream High Definition images using as little as half as much data. The proprietary LSI also enables intelligent features such as face detection and face matching.
Face Detection

Face Detection

i-PRO SmartHD cameras combine Face Wide Dynamic Range and 3rd generation i-PRO SmartHD technology to detect and recognize faces in automatic real time- even with multiple individuals in a frame.
Face Matching

Face Matching

The Real Time Face Matching function in the WJ-NV200 matches registers face images with a face displayed on a live camera feed. Once the face is detected and matched, an alarm notification can be sent by e-mail, Panasonic system alarm, terminal output, buzzer or indicator.


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