Super Dynamic III
Panasonic's exclusive Super Dynamic III (SDIII) Technology enables surveillance cameras to think and act on their own. SDIII Cameras bring amazing reality to 24 hour surveillance, true picture for rock solid identification, superb image quality, and unprecedented image-processing performance.

Pixel Based 128X (NTSC) / 160x (PAL) Dynamic Range

Super Dynamic III uses Area Free (Pixel Based) Natural Contrast Image Correction to optimize contrast and faithfully reproduce objects in every area and position. Combining 1/8,000 sec. and 1/60 (NTSC) / 1/50 (PAL) sec. shutter speed signals gives this amazing system a 128x (NTSC) / 160x (PAL) Dynamic Range that makes it the perfect surveillance solution for ATMs, building entrances, and other locations where contrast changes depending on time, weather and season.

Auto Back Focus (ABF) (WV-CP484/WV-CW484 Series)

Auto Back Focus (ABF) The ABF feature automatically adjusts the CCD position when changing from color to B/W mode, optimizing the back focus required for clear, sharp images. In addition, the one-push Auto Back Focus feature sharply reduces the time required to focus cameras during installation, allowing focus to be set using the optional system controller.
Auto Image Stabilizer

Auto Image Stabilizer

Cameras attached to poles may be affected by high winds. Cameras may also be affected by vibration from aircraft, trains or large trucks. Automatic image stabilization prevents blurring under these conditions.

Scene Change Detection

This feature detects interference and sends an alarm signal when the camera’s operation has been hampered with, such as a manual change in the camera’s angle, removal of the camera lens, defocus, blockage of the camera lens with cloth or paint.

Auto Tracking (WV-CW974/WV-CW964/WV-CS954, WV-NS202A, WV-NS954 and WV-NW964 only)

Auto Tracking This feature automatically follows the largest movement in the image, causing the camera to pan and tilt to keep the object in the center of the image. The WV-CW974 Series adds a new Template Matching algorithm that compares the recorded image with template color, shape and contrast settings. Use of templates to compare moving objects with other characteristics of the scene enables more accurate tracking. Plus, the operator can lock the camera onto a particular object by pressing a single button on the optional system controller.