IPTV Plug-in Board with HDTV Tuner for Panasonic Professional Displays
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The Panasonic IMP-2000 brings together the power of High Definition IPTV with backwards compatibility of traditional RF coax tuning (option). The result is a powerful and flexible platform for delivering the future of high definition to hospitality or virtually any commercial application.

Key Features

IP Streaming of HD Media
• Multi-layered graphics support
• Integrated 2x HDMI eliminates need for separate HDMI slot card

Optional Triband RF Tuner
• NTSC/QAM/8VSB tuner for flexibility of receiving Satellite, CATV, Over-the-air, or internal "house" content
• High Definition via RF & IP; MPEG-2/MPEG-4/H.264

Display Control
The IMP2000 can configured to provide communication and control synchronization between Panasonic displays and content providers

Control Options
Support of the follow device control methods:
• IP PPV control system capable
• IR Remote control at display
• Third-party serial control, including touch panel support


Media Distribution/Signals
• IP Protocols: UDP, RTP, RTSP
• Digital Tuner: QAM/8VSB
• Analog Tuner: NTSC

Media Types
• Video Codecs: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264
• Audio Codecs: AC3, PCM, MP3, AAC
• Decryption: Pro:Idiom, Verimatrix

• Ethernet: 10/100 LAN (RJ45) (optional integrated VLAN switch)
• F-Connector (Coax): Coax cable input (CATV / 75 Ohm) / DocSIS 2.0 for IP over coax
• PPV Control: RJ11 (MATE protocol)
• Serial Control: 1/8" minijack (RS-232 protocol for control systems)
• Component: Y/Pb/Pr (1/8" 4-contact mini-jack)
• Composite: 1/8" shared 4-contact mini-jack
• L/R Audio: 1/8" shared 4-contact mini-jack (component or composite)
• HDMI: 2x
• USB: 1x

• Digital Audio: S/PDIF - Line level (1/8" shared 4-contact minijack)
• Analog Audio: L/R - Line level (1/8" shared 4-contact minijack)