Focus FS-P250WF

Portable Proxy Recorder for the AG-HPX250/HPX255 P2 HD Camcorders

U.S. List Price: $1,555.00
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The Focus FS-P250WF is a portable proxy recorder that works in conjunction with Panasonic’s AG-HPX250 and AG-HPX255 P2 HD handheld camcorders to record H.264 proxy clips in parallel with high-resolution clips while capturing matching timecode, frame rate management, and P2 metadata. Various resolutions and bit rates for proxy recording can be selected depending on workflow and application, and proxies are instantly ready for live streaming, editing, or sharing.

The camera-mountable FS-P250WF has a built in wireless web interface for live streaming and metadata input, with optional Panasonic AJ-WM30 wireless adapter (connected via its USB 2.0 port). The P250 can be connected to a PC or mobile device to view live streams, recorded clips, and customize metadata to your proxy recordings. Proxy clips can be sent directly from your PC or mobile device for instant sharing, and can be organized and cataloged for both production and cloud-based workflow. In addition, the FS-P250WF also includes a desktop application, the FS-PCS that synchronizes proxy clips to P2 clips and aggregates metadata with the HPX250/HPX255’s P2 clips in preparation for post-production.

Weighing only 5 oz and roughly the size of a deck of cards, the FS-P250WF is durable and rugged, with a long battery life of up to 3 hours on a single charge and long record times of more than 800 hours on a single 32 GB SDHC card. These reliable features are a great solution for video professionals out in the field with a need for continuous recording.

• HD-SDI / SD-SDI input with loop through
• Small, portable, battery powered design
• Record .MOV proxy clips onto standard SD card
• View contents list via clip thumbnail including clip duration
• View TEXT MEMO tagged to selected recoded clips
• Quick logging/screening of media with wireless web interface
• Use proxy clips for instant off-line editing
• Use proxy clips for ‘breaking news’ scenario
• Make information rich metadata for the Archive
• Allows for a broader implementation of metadata in the production areas




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