Panasonic AJ-CVF100G


Premium High Resolution Color Viewfinder with LCOS Technology

U.S. List Price: $9,490.00
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Designed for use with Panasonic's high-end P2 HD, DVCPRO HD production camera and also HD studio cameras, the AJ-CVF100G color viewfinder delivers accurate, high resolution color images combined with the ruggedness and high reliability not found in conventional CRT-based viewfinders. Utilizing high resolution LCOS display technology, the CVF100G faithfully reproduces the camera's image providing for fast, easy and accurate focus, smooth motion portrayal. The RGB processing and high resolution LCOS display assures maximum image quality and provides the camera operator with a window through which to view the world.

For frigid weather shooting, the color viewfinder features a special imager heater for improved motion response speeds even in sub-zero temperatures. It utilizes a one-inch diameter LCOS imager system, yet has a similar form factor to the current Panasonic AJ-HVF21 viewfinder. Thereby, it can be easily added to existing cameras providing an instant upgrade in operational ease and quality. The CVF100G is HD/SD compatible and supports multiple frame rates and video formats.

The CVF100G viewfinder is compatible with Panasonic's P2 VariCam series (AJ-HPX3700 and AJ-HPX2700), the AJ-HPX3100, AJ-HPX3000 and AJ-HPX2000 P2 HD camcorders; the AJ-HDC27H VariCam and AJ-HDX900 DVCPRO HD camcorders; and the AK-HC3500 and AK-HC931B HD studio cameras.