Panasonic CTC-3PAN


HMC Camera Case with Panasonic Interior and Rain Slicker, RS-HMC80

U.S. List Price: $465.00
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The CTC-3PAN fits the Panasonic AG-HMC80 camera. The new SLIP-NOT® anti-skid bottom adds an extra layer of protection against water, dirt and grime with an easy wipe-off surface. Reinforced layers of lightweight plastics and thick foam protect the camera from normal bumps and everyday handling. The viewfinder guard has an extra measure of protection for the viewfinder. The long pocket under the viewfinder area holds tapes, batteries and even some battery belts. A new zipper facing has been added to keep the "self healing", heavy duty, YKK™ zippers from accidental damage. Mesh pockets for airline tickets, maps, cable, white balance cards or other flat items at the back and a seat belt loop to keep the camera securely in place during a sudden stop or seat belted in an empty seat during air travel. A suede leather shoulder strap and hand grips provide a good measure of comfort.

5.1 lb / 2.31 kg

L - 22" / 55.88cm
W - 6.5" / 16.51cm
H - 10" / 25.4cm

L - 24" / 60.96cm
W - 12" / 30.48cm
H - 11.25" / 28.58cm