Panasonic ROCK-DVX-ZFI


VariZoom Rocker-Style Controller - controls multi-speed zoom, focus, iris, and record/pause

U.S. List Price: $345.00
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The Rock-DVX-ZFI controls multi-speed zoom, focus, iris, and record/pause. It utilizes a pressure-sensitive, side-to-side rocker switch like broadcast zoom controls. This rocker has a greater range of motion for a finer degree of zoom control than throttle style zoom controls. Adjust the exposure or focus with a finger. Smooth and quiet knobs provide easy operation while you compose your shots. Independent focus/iris knobs allow two people to operate together for critical focus during moving shots or crane moves. The body switches click when moved into position, letting you watch the picture, not your hands. An operator may switch between auto and manual control for either focus or iris at anytime.