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“From an end-user standpoint, the PT-D5700U gives you control over every projector you’d want to have, and should be very popular for staging and large venue applications. For graphics, photos, spreadsheets and PowerPoints, it is blazingly bright with good contrast.”

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The PT-D5700U/DW5100U/D4000U have taken another step forward in DLP® system projection, producing stunning images while maintaining highly reliable functions. Panasonic's advanced technologies ensure high-quality images even in large, bright spaces such as conference rooms, classrooms, theaters and churches. And, all three projectors feature Dual Lamp and Liquid-Cooling systems for extended performance and stable operation in any environment.


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  • Widescreen & 5,500-lm (PT-DW5100U) - WXGA widescreen projection and vivid images even in ordinary daytime lighting.
  • High-Power 6,000-lm (PT-D5700U) - Crisp, sharp images in classrooms, meeting rooms and other well-lit locations.
  • Ultra Bright 4,000-lm (PT-D4000U) - Real-life images even in rooms with the lights turned on.
  • Daylight View - Compensates for loss of color saturation, producing detailed images even in dark portions containing gradation.
  • Vivid Color Control (PT-D5700U/DW5100U) - Brightness of each color is increased by an average of about 15% for sharper, clearer color reproduction.
  • 3D Color Management System - Even on large-screen displays, color saturation, hue and brightness approach those of the original image.
Daylight View simulated demonstration
Liquid Cooling System Liquid Cooling System
  • Dual Lamp System - Two lamps increase brightness and eliminate the need to interrupt a presentation if a lamp burns out.
  • Liquid Cooling System - Directly cools the DLP® chip, enabling use in temperatures up to 45° C.
  • Dust-Proof Design - Sealed optical block ensures continued delivery of crisp, sharp, high-resolution images over an extended service life.
  • Multiscreen Projection (PT-D5700U/DW5100U) - Built-in multiscreen support system with color matching, edge blending and digital image enlarging.
  • Wired LAN - Monitor the projector using a web browser. The projector sends an e-mail when an error occurs or a lamp needs replacing.
  • Direct Power Off - Turn of the room's main power without having to wait for the projector to cool down.
  • H/V Lens Shift - Wide lens adjustment range assures distortion-free images and adds convenience and versatility.
Built-in Multi-screen support system demonstration
  D5700U DW5100U D4000U
Wired LAN
Dual Lamp System
Liquid Cooling System
Daylight View
Dust-Proof Design
3D Color Management
2,000:1 Contrast  
Edge Blending  
Vivid Color Control  
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