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“The Panasonic PT-FW100NTU is an entirely new breed of projector. It has the raw power and brightness of a fixed installation business projector, along with some of the nicer features of home theater projectors such as excellent zoom, good scaling, and a whisper-quiet fan. When you add the FW100’s formidable wireless capabilities, you get the perfect stepping stone between enormous fixed-install light cannons with expensive interchangeable lenses and portable projectors with loud fans, short zoom ranges, and no lens shift.”

— Projector Central, October 31, 2007 Read More News & Reviews »

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The PT-FW100NTU answers the call for a projector that provides long-lasting brightness and easy, casual use even in fixed installations. With its outstanding flexibility, it can be permanently mounted on the ceiling or set on a shelf or table. Whether you are looking to install a new system or considering replacement, the PT-FW100NTU requires little maintenance, so total cost of ownership is low.


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  • Micro Cut Filter - A high-efficiency electrostatic filter captures approximately 7 times as much dust as our previous filters.
  • Auto-Rolling Filter - Automatically winds the used filter section into the casing to expose a fresh section.
  • Anti-Dust Design - Re-engineered airflow path creates a cabinet that hermetically seals off the projector interior.
  • Daylight View 3 Technology - Low-pass filter and ambient light sensor optimize dark parts of an image for crisp, vivid detail in any room.
Simulated demonstration of Daylight View 3 - brightness and contrast over the entire image appear to be enhanced. Details in shadow areas are reproduced clearly.
  • Widescreen - View wide images on a conventional 4:3 screen, widescreen or project 2 different image sources side-by-side.
  • Wireless LAN - Smooth, hassle-free wireless connection with a laptop or multiple PCs.
  • 16-Window Index Style - Project thumbnail images from up to 16 PCs at the same time.
Widescreen versus 4:3 screen. Side by Side display capabilities.
  • 2x Zoom & H/V Lens Shift - Project a 120-inch image (diagonal) from any distance between 11.8 feet and 23.6 feet.
  • Wired LAN - Monitor the projector using a web browser. The projector sends an e-mail when an error occurs or a lamp needs replacing.
  • Direct Power Off - Turn of the room's main power without having to wait for the projector to cool down.
Web Browser Control and Monitoring. Monitor projector status over a LAN network.
Web Browser Control/Monitoring
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