Emergency calls from professors about a sudden lamp burnout is a serious concern.

I don't want an unexpected lamp burnout to ruin an important event.

Projector lamps may burn out unexpectedly during operation. If this happens during a class, alarmed professors want the burnt lamp replaced immediately. If the projector is mounted on a ceiling or installed in a tight space, the replacement will take some time. This lost time can be a serious problem, especially if it's a situation where downtime is simply not permitted. Burned out lamps not only interrupt lectures and presentations, but can also cause total failure in ceremonies or events that cannot be redone. Sudden lamp burnouts cause problems for everyone involved.

A lamp burnout during the showing of a movie ruins the story.

Solve this problem with Panasonic projectors!
The Dual-Lamp/Four-Lamp Optical System keeps displaying images even if a lamp burns out.

The Dual-Lamp/Four-Lamp Optical System is featured on all Panasonic DLP™ models. If a lamp burns out while the projector is operating, this mode simply switches to another lamp so the image isn't interrupted. You don't have to rush to replace the burnt out lamp. You can do it later at your leisure. Also, their excellent reliability lets you use the projector for longer periods of time thanks to the lamp relay mode. By switching the lamp mode, you can operate the projector continuously 24/7.

The dual-/four-lamp optical system assures reliable, continuous operation for longer periods of time.

Panasonic projectors offer superb reliability for extended operation.

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