Periodic filter maintenance is bothersome.

Filter maintenance is particularly bothersome for ceiling-mounted projectors, which are difficult to work on.

Most projector problems are caused by dust. A dust-clogged filter reduces the cooling effect, and dust that accumulates inside the projector can lower both image quality and brightness. Ceiling-mounted projectors are often less frequently maintained because they're not easily accessible for cleaning. In fact, it's hard work just to carry a ladder around to all of the projector sites in a large building to carry out maintenance for ceiling-mounted projectors. Also, maintenance can be done only during certain time slots between lectures or after the building closes. This makes maintenance even more laborious.

Dust-covered parts inside a projector.

Solve this problem with Panasonic projectors!
Filter cleaning is automatically done by the Auto Cleaning Filter & Auto Cleaning Robot. No need to carry and climb a ladder.

Filter cleaning is essential for stable projector operation. The PT-F300 Series, PT-D6000 Series and PT-DZ8700/DZ110X Series with the Auto Cleaning Filter do not require filter cleaning or replacement for about 10,000 hours. The models equipped with the Auto Cleaning Robot (PT-DZ12000/D12000) do not require filter cleaning or replacement for about 2,000 hours.

All models feature a Micro-cut filter that prevents the entry of any lint and particles larger than pollen. And the optical block is sealed. In addition, the projectors are designed for dust resistance, enabling Panasonic projectors to maintain their initial performance for a very long time.

The ACF (Auto Cleaning Filter) automatically winds the filter and cleans its surface when the clog sensor detects dust and at preset time intervals.

The ACR (Auto Cleaning Robot) removes dust from the air filter using a brush every time the projector is turned on.

Every model comes with advanced dust-proofing features.

* This size information is intended only as a guideline. The size may vary depending on the installation conditions.

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