The problem: Managing many projectors is a lot of work.

I wish we could monitor all of the projectors installed in our building from a central location.

The daily task of operating and managing many projectors installed in a building -- from confirming that the power has been turned off at the end of the day to taking care of equipment problems -- is time-consuming and laborious. If projectors malfunction, it becomes even more troublesome, especially when there are different brands of projectors and different support offices must be contacted.

Many people forget to turn off the projector after use wasting lamp life, but you don't have the time to go around and check every single projector on campus.

Solve this problem with Panasonic projectors!
Software is provided free of charge for centralized projector management.

Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software, which is provided free of charge, lets you manage all Panasonic projectors installed in both small classrooms and large halls with a single PC, when they are connected to a LAN network. The software lets you turn off all of the projectors in a single operation and monitor their operating status for efficient operation and management. Also a computer's web browser can be used to operate individual Panasonic projectors over a LAN network. All Panasonic projectors are equipped with a function that sends an alarm message in the event of an equipment problem. This enables a highly efficient management system.

Panasonic projectors can be connected to a LAN network for centralized management using a single PC.

*The PT-D7000 Series requires an optional expansion board.

All models support network functions.

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