The problem: We want to minimize the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

We're concerned about the costs of lamp replacement, lamp management and filter maintenance.

If your university uses many projectors, the costs of parts and labor for replacing projector lamps and cleaning or replacing filters can be significant. If many different projector models are installed, the management of spare lamps becomes a cumbersome task as well. Replacing an old projector can also cause additional and unexpected costs for installation and cable extension work, depending on the projection location.

In addition to the electric bill, parts and running costs can be a considerable financial burden.

Solve this problem with Panasonic projectors!
Panasonic projectors offer cost-reducing features such as automated cleaning filter and a lamp drive system that does not require lamp replacement for up to 5,000 hours.* * PT-F300 Series only.

Lamp Replacement Cycle

By drawing on the in-house parts development capabilities of our group companies, Panasonic has successfully prolonged the service life of lamps in projectors by using AC lamps. For example, the PT-F300 Series features an original lamp drive system that requires no lamp replacement for up to 5,000 hours. Even if the projector was used for eight hours a day, you wouldn't need to change the lamps for more than two years.

Our high-efficiency lamp drive system has enabled a lamp replacement cycle of 5,000 hours in the PT-F300 Series.

Filter Cleaning System

Panasonic projectors also offer automated filter cleaning system. Models with the ACF (Auto Cleaning Filter) do not require filter cleaning for about 10,000 hours. The Auto Cleaning Robot in PT-D12000 Series and PT-D10000 Series can also be preset to clean the filter at set intervals.

The Auto Cleaning Filter does not require cleaning for about 10,000 hours.

The Auto Cleaning Robot eliminates the need to clean the filter for approximately 2,000 hours.

Shared Lamp

The following models use the same types of lamps, so you can install spare lamps you have in stock to simplify your spare parts management.

Lamp Applicable Models
ET-LAD60AW(Twin Pack)
PT-DZ570U Series,
PT-D6000 Series
Lamp Applicable Models
Shared Lamp
PT-F300 Series,
PT-F200 Series,
PT-F100 Series

All Panasonic projector models offer a wide projection range to help minimize the cost of reinstallation and cabling during projector replacements. The Emulation function in the PT-F300 Series also saves reprogramming fees.

Every model is equipped with high-performance lamps and filter.

* This size information is intended only as a guideline. The size may vary depending on the installation conditions.

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