I want to complete our projector installation and replacement with minimal effort.

I don't want to spend time or money on extra installation work.

When replacing old projectors or installing new ones, special construction work may be necessary, depending on the projection distance and lens shift range of the projectors being installed. When changing the installation location of a ceiling-mounted projector, you need to extend the cable, remove the previous mounting bracket, and reinstall it at the new location. This extra work causes additional costs. The time and cost of programming a new network can be another financial burden.

It's not an easy task to replace a mounting bracket installed on a high ceiling.

Solve this problem with Panasonic projectors!
The lens shift, wide zoom range and a full line up of optional lenses* enable Panasonic projectors to be installed in many different places within a room. *DLP models

When a projector cannot be installed directly in front of the screen, the lens shift function on all Panasonic projectors enables easy installation. For DLP™ models, Panasonic offers a variety of optional lenses. By combining an optional lens with the power zoom/focus function, you can project the right projection size from a wide range of throw distances. In addition, the optional lenses are compatible from old to new models for 1-chip and 3-chip projectors.

The F300 Series also comes with a lens shift, 2x zoom and an emulation function. When replacing previous Panasonic projectors with the F300 Series, it can be used immediately after installation without reprogramming existing control commands. All Panasonic projectors are suitable for new installation and a easy solution for replacing existing projectors.

The F300 Series adapts to a wide projection range.

All Panasonic models provide excellent installation versatility.

* This size information is intended only as a guideline. The size may vary depending on the installation conditions.