Replacing lamps in a ceiling-mounted projector is cumbersome.

Having to remove the projector to replace a lamp is inefficient.

Ceiling-mounted projectors are usually selected for permanent installation in classrooms and seminar rooms. To replace a lamp in a ceiling-mounted unit, conventionally, the projector must be removed from the ceiling and brought down. This means extra time and labor.

Removing a projector installed in a high place is hard work.

Solve this problem with Panasonic projectors!
Lamps can be replaced without removing the projector.

In all Panasonic projectors, lamps can be accessed by simply removing a screw from the rear panel. So, you don't have to remove the projector from the bracket or pull it out of a rack to change a lamp. Whether mounted on the ceiling or stacked, Panasonic projectors simplify maintenance and save costs.

Lamp replacement is as easy as pulling out and inserting the lamp through the rear panel.

All models offer easy lamp replacement.

* This size information is intended only as a guideline. The size may vary depending on the installation conditions.