Special Offers

Worship FREE Projector Lens Program

From Sept. 1 through Dec. 31, 2014, Panasonic is offering House of Worship end-users a 'FREE lens' when purchasing a select projector product. For projectors that come with a standard lens, Panasonic will provide a $1,000 cash rebate. Purchases must be made through an authorized Panasonic Projector reseller.

End-users claiming a $1,000 cash rebate will be required to complete a rebate form.

Projectors eligible for free lens
  • PT-DZ21KU
  • PT-DS20KU
  • PT-DW17KU
  • PT-DZ16K
  • PT-DZ13KU
  • PT-DS12KU
  • PT-DW11KU
  • PT-DZ10KU
  • PT-DX100ULK/W
  • PT-DZ870ULK/W
  • PT-DW830ULK/W
  • PT-DX810ULS/K
  • PT-DZ770ULK
  • PT-DW740ULS/K
Projectors eligible for cash rebate
  • PT-DX100UK/W
  • PT-DZ870UK/W
  • PT-DW830UK/W
  • PT-DX810US/K
  • PT-DZ770UK
  • PT-DW740US/K

For questions call 866-795-3383

Program Terms & Conditions:
  1. Program is in effect from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31, 2014
  2. Units must be sold and delivered to customers by Jan. 31, 2015
  3. Free lens must be registered through the SPL process
  4. ACB must receive the Official Cash Rebate Claim Form and all required documentation by Jan. 31, 2015. See Official Claim Form for details.
  5. Panasonic has the sole right to interpret the terms and conditions of this program and reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time.


FREE 5-Year Warranty with DLP Projector Purchase, a value between $650.00 and $3,235.00!

From now until September 30, 2014, receive a FREE 5-year warranty with your purchase of Panasonic 3-chip and 1-chip DLP® projectors. Backed by incredible value, our projectors are built to the highest standards — delivering uncompromised picture quality and low maintenance, plus diverse features enabling system and installation flexibility. From command and control centers to briefing rooms, Panasonic projectors deliver critical communications clearly and effectively 24/7.

Eligible 1-Chip DLP Projectors
  • PT-DZ870U/UL
  • PT-DW830U/UL
  • PT-DX100U/UL
  • PT-DZ770U/UL
  • PT-DW740U/UL
  • PT-DX810U/UL
  • PT-DZ680U/UL
  • PT-DW640U/UL
  • PT-DX610U/UL
Eligible 3-Chip DLP Projectors
  • PT-DZ21KU
  • PT-DS20KU
  • PT-DW17KU
  • PT-DZ16KU
  • PT-DZ13KU
  • PT-DS12KU
  • PT-DW11KU
  • PT-DZ10KU

For more information, please contact: 1.888.322.3908



Panasonic is offering a 0% lease financing programs on our entire line-up of audio visual products, including (professional Video, projectors and professional flat panel displays). From September 1, 2013 until September 30, 2014, you can take advantage of the following finance offers: 0% interest for 12 month with no money down (for sales of under $20,000) or 0% for 12 month with no money down with deferred payments until 2014 (*90 days deferred for sales equal to or greater than $20,000. Must be on one shippable purchase order).

Non-Panasonic products, including cases, mounts, camera lenses (Fujinon and Canon), etc, are not eligible for this promotion. All equipment must ship by June 30, 2014. The program cannot be combined with other end-user special pricing or programs. Services, such as installation, etc., are not eligible for this promotion.

To discuss the 0% financing program, please contact your Authorized Professional Reseller, your Sales Manager or Panasonic's Leasing Partners listed below.

Panasonic Financial Solutions (Element Financial)
Email: cfreifelder@leaserv.com
Phone: 800-373-6304

Panasonic Business Finance (Marlin)
Email: jgundersen@marlinfinance.com
Phone: 866-897-6756



From now until September 30, 2014, purchase a select Panasonic PT-CW330 Series Ultra-Short Throw projector from a Panasonic Authorized Distributor and receive a FREE mount (ET-PK200W) - a $199 value!