3D Technology

Panasonic's End-to-End 3D Solution

Panasonic has developed a full-HD end-to-end 3D solution that begins with recording, authoring and disc production, and extends to home theater systems and beyond.
The Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL) is a video research lab located in Universal City, California. The facility builds on the 15 plus years that Panasonic has worked to meet the demands of top Hollywood professionals. This is where Panasonic's end-to-end 3D Solution began and took form — with input from some of the best technicians and creators in the industry.

Panasonic's end-to-end 3D solution brings you a whole new viewing experience featuring powerful 3D realism that's transforming the way we experience digital viewing. By constantly evolving and perfecting the highest 3D image levels, our goal is to raise the emotional impact and excitement of viewers with the ultimate videorealism.


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