Panasonic AY-DVM33PQUS DV Professional Tape


Mini-DV Professional Quality Cassette: 33 Minutes

U.S. List Price: $10.45
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PQUS-Series: Professional Quality Pro DV Tape, with a newly designed package and product enhancements achieves excellent electromagnetic performance, high durability, and optimal tape-to-head contact.

PQUS series tapes have also achieved high output levels and rugged durability through its AME (Advanced Metal Evaporation) technology, yielding a tape with high signal out put, and consistent durability & reliability that is backed by Panasonic's commitment to over 32 years of DV Cassette R&D.

PQUS series tapes are durable, reliable and impact resistant with a rugged ABS resin shell constructed to prevent warping and cassette housing damage, while anti-static treated cassette lid repels dusts, debris, and contaminants, minimizing dropouts. The cassette case is molded from a soft resin that won't break if dropped and a 2-way lid lets you easily extract the tape with one hand, even while shooting.

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    Magnetic Characteristics: .
    Coercivity: 120 KA/m
    Max Residual Magnetic Flux Density: 400 mT
    Squareness: 0.8
    Recording Characteristics: .
    Data Signal: .
    Optimum Recording Current: 0 dB*
    Output level (21 MHz): more than –1 dB*
    Frequency Response (21/10.5 MHz): within ±2 dB*
    Overwrite (10.5/21MHz): less than 2 dB*
    C/N (21 MHz): more than –2 dB*
    C/N (10.5 MHz): more than –2 dB*
    Tracking Signal: .
    Output level (0.47 MHz): 0 dB*
    Overwrite (0.47/21 MHz): less than –1 dB*
    Impulse Response (1/90 Tb): within ±5 %


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