Panasonic LM-AD240LU DVD


DVD-RAM Disc 9.4GB 240 Minutes
Double Sided Removable Cartridge

U.S. List Price: $8.00
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Compatible Players: DVD Video Recorders and DVD-RAM Drives (for computers)
Rewritable: Yes (record, erase & rewrite data)
Formatted for: DVD Video Recorders
Double-sided: Yes
3x Recording SpeedYes
Type 4: Cartridge with double-sided disc that can be removed
Removable Cartridge: Yes
Data Capacity: 9.4GB
High Picture Quality Recording Mode (XP): About 2 hours
Standard Recording Mode (SP): About 4 hours
Long Recording Mode (LP): About 8 hours
Extra Long Recording Mode (EP): About 12 hours
Case/Cartridge Type: Removable cartridge
Country of Origin: Made in Japan
Footnotes: *Recordable DVD discs that are formatted for DVD Video Recorders can also be used in compatible DVD drives for  computers, but require one extra step to format the disc.
*The same is true for recordable DVD discs that are formatted for recordable DVD drives for computers.
* 1 GB = one billion bytes. Usable capacity will be less.
Weight: 0.00