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High-quality, Configurable Systems

view configurationCapturing highly-detailed images of weather and traffic requires a camera system that can acquire vivid, high-quality pictures in a wide range of conditions. Panasonic's multi-purpose HD and SD convertible cameras and pan-tilt head systems are the perfect TrafficCam or WeatherCam solution.

Our outdoor pan-tilt camera systems with durable, all-weather housing can be installed in virtually any location you need to monitor the weather or traffic. This water-proof system features functions including zooming, panning and tilting as well as a heater, wiper and defroster for various environments and temperatures. All of these functions, in addition to picture quality and lens operation, can be controlled with a remote control unit from distances of up to 3,280 feet. The camera's instant memory presets allow you to recall up to 50 different camera positions.

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