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P2 HD Solid-State File-Based Workflow with AVC Intra and DVCPRO HD

P2 HD Products


Re-usable P2 cards record the same way that digital still cameras record onto memory cards they store the footage as pre-digitized computer files. Instead of recording the video as “video data,” they record the footage as computer data files. These files are instantly editable and can be transferred to other computer storage media directly, without the restrictions of needing proprietary video decks or having to wait for real-time transfers.

64GB Card
64GB P2 solid-state memory card, with improved 800 Mbps transfer rate provides even greater recording capacity with faster transfer and offload performance.
32GB Card
32GB P2 solid-state memory card provides recording capacity greater than most tape-based and disc-based systems.
16GB Card
16GB P2 solid-state memory card delivers long record times, no-moving-parts reliability and the benefits of an IT file-based workflow.