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P2 HD Solid-State File-Based Workflow with AVC Intra and DVCPRO HD

why P2 HD?


Celebrity Profiles for New York Times Web Site Shot with AJ-HPX3000 1080p Camcorder

Every project has its own needs, but I would say that the HPX3000 is an excellent choice when you want to shoot 1080p with an extremely effective, convenient workflow
— Manfred Reiff, director of photography, New York, NY
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Bottleworld, Comedy Feature, Acquired with Master-quality AJ-HPX3000 1080p Camcorder

The HPX3000 is very user friendly. Especially beneficial on the shoot was the fact the camera lets you work quickly and still get a great image.
— John Foster, cinematographer, New York, NY
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People in Planes Music Video Recorded in Full-raster, 10-bit AVC-Intra with AJ-HPM110 P2 Mobile

Now with the HPM110, you can record straight to P2 solid-state memory, and play back your off-speed clips immediately after recording them.
— Suny Behar, director of photography
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Stop-motion Animated Commercials Shot with AG-HVX200 Handheld Camcorder

As an animator, I prefer to work very quickly and the Panasonic HVX200 in combination with iStopMotion allows that to happen.
— Tom Megalis, producer, Megalis Studio, Los Angeles, CA
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Nationally Syndicated TV Show Uses HPX500 to Acquire Episodes in HD

I found that the HPX500 seemed to be the perfect solution for the series. It fit in our price range, it recorded just about every flavor of HD that you can imagine, and it was DVCPRO HD – a true HD format.
— John DeMaio, director of photography, Blackburst Entertainment
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WSOC-TV, Charlotte, Shoots HD News with HPX2000 Camcorders

The HPX2000s are proving easy to operate, and the picture is beautiful. With crisp images and real, saturated colors, the camera has definitely improved our on-air look.
— Bill Bruce, WSOC chief photographer
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Florida State Deploys AJ-HPX2000 2/3" P2 HD Cams for Sports and Instruction Tasks

We looked at all our options for HD cameras and, ultimately, we preferred the P2 workflow. We’re getting away from tape, and we really like how we can send video straight out the camera via its IEEE 1394 interface directly to a PC loaded with Avid Media Composer.
— Mark Rodin, director, Seminole Productions
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HPX500 Heads Out to Sea for Coast Guard Documentary

The HPX500 offered stability — not only physical stability, but also image stability. We knew we could count on every shot, regardless of light conditions, salty sea spray or heavy winds and rain.
— Stuart Huggins, filmmaker, TADD Productions
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Publix Super Markets Add HPX2000 for Corporate Communications Work

The HPX2000’s native HD progressive 2/3" 3-CCD system, five P2 card slots and its ability to shoot in HD in addition to SD made a convincing argument for stepping up to a full-size camcorder.
— Jeff Tuckey, video communications specialist, Publix Supermarkets
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“Presidential Flight” Tribute Shot with HVX200

The HVX200 represents as big a step forward in filmmaking as the Bolex 16mm camera. It's more than affordable, and so portable I can use it in every environment. Because it lets me be so nimble, I am able to shoot double the footage in half the time.
— Austin Smithard, director/cinematographer
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HPX500 Makes Its Feature Debut in “Chasing the Green”

I was introduced to the HPX500 at NAB 2007 and saw an amazing combination of features in a reasonably priced camera.
— Seth Melnick, director of photography
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