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The Panafax line of business fax products has been known for its extremely high reliability and easy to use design for over 30 years. These robust products offer the latest in office technology, with products ranging from a standalone business fax up to a high speed multifunction workhorse. With Panafax you can offer your customers products that will save them both time and money. These products offer a wide range of standard features as well as unique and innovative ways of fulfilling their internal and external communication needs.
In The Spotlight
Award Winning Business Fax Machines
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BERTL, Inc. has awarded the Panafax UF-8200 and UF-7200 multifunction fax devices top honors in the 14th Annual BERTL's Best competition.


Best Ease Of Use
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Bertl Awards the UF-6200 Best Ease of Use Facimile


Featured Products
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  • 550 Sheet Recording Paper Capacity
  • 3MB/180 Page Memory Capacity
  • Network Scanner Interface


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