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Transform and organize your office with new advanced desktop document scanning solutions from Panasonic. Easily digitize all of your important documents for easy search and retrieval.

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Mixed-Document Feeding
Scan a variety of documents in one shot, the scanners are versatile and capable of scanning a variety of different sizes, lengths, weights and thicknesses.

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Single-Touch Scan Keys
3 customizable preset keys simplify all of your scan tasks. With just the touch of a button, instantly start scanning documents and send them automatically to a destination of your choice.

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Cloud Connectivity
Scan documents directly to popular cloud applications such as Google Drive and Evernote for easy and instant access of your documents anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

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Searchable PDFs
High-quality image scanning allows for accurate optical character recognition, allowing you to create searchable PDFS for easy accessibility.

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3-Year Warranty
Our scanner’s reliability is backed by a 3-year overnight replacement warranty and a U.S.-based technical support hotline.

Case Study
MercyCare Community Physicians
MercyCare Community Physicians
MercyCare choose Panasonic KV-S1025C to handle 200,000 annual patient visits.


Con-way has been doing volume document scanning for close to 20 years


Nebraska DMV
From daily scanning, recording and storing of 1200-1600 mixed documents ranging from plastic ID cards.


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