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Classroom Audio

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Today's K-12 generation lives in a fast-paced world, full of interactive media, video and audio. They're receptive to new media in everything they do and everywhere they go. Why not apply it in school? Chalk is history.
Improved audio benefits students and teachers
  • Provides crystal-clear audio throughout the entire learning space
  • Promotes classroom management
  • Improves student performance and confidence
  • Reduces teacher vocal strain and fatigue
Safety alert system for education
  • Delivers a silent alert for emergency situations
  • Generates a network-wide alert that quickly notifies the proper authorities
  • Provides customization options to accommodate school district policy
  • Offers piece of mind for teachers and school administrators
Case Studies
Ocoee Middle School
The demonstration school featured many Panasonic technologies from projectors, document cameras and software


case 1
Ron Clark Academy
"We looked at a number of systems and Panasonic's Classroom Audio was the best," Ron Clark says.





In The Spotlight
Why Classroom Audio
spot 2
Independent research shows that both students and teachers benefit from using enhanced audio technology.


Security Alert Video Demo
The Safe System has been designed as a complete turn-key system.See why Panasonic's Classroom Audio with Security Alert is vital for school emergencies."


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Live demo at ISTE
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