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Encoders and Decoders

Bridging the gap between analog and IP
There’s no better way to get your analog cameras on the network than with Panasonic i-PRO encoders and decoders.
  • Advanced built-in video analytics
  • High Definition quality
  • Multi-format output
  • Multiplex combinations
  • H.264 compression
Advanced built-in video analytics
Up to 8 programs including face detection, intruder detection and object left behind deliver advanced functionality.

High Definition quality
An HDMI interface and progressive output assure high quality image quality even of moving images.

Multi-format output for viewing and recording
H.264 High Profile (i-PRO SmartHD models), MPEG-4 and JPEG dual stream output at VGA image size at up to 30 ips enables simultaneous viewing of live and recorded images.

Multiplex operation
Allows seamless integration of IP and analog cameras.

H.264 compression
Provides more efficient use of disk space, allowing you to conserve bandwidth and storage space without compromising image quality.


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i-Pro Smart HD
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Panasonic's pursuit for cutting edge technology continues with i-PRO SmartHD. The third generation i-PRO technology boasts Full HD image viewing quality, H.264 (High Profile) Compression and Face Detection and Face Matching capabilities


Featured Product
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4-Channel H.264 Real-Time Network Video Encoder use the Panasonic i-PRO SmartHD Technology


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