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PTZ Network Cameras

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For applications requiring flexible pan, tilt, and zoom functionality, Panasonic offers a line of cameras that deliver extraordinary capabilities in both image quality and day-to-day performance.
  • Optical Slip Ring for noise-free imaging
  • Built-in Motion Detection
  • Maximum Dynamic Range with enhanced Super Dynamic III
  • Automatic Digital Flip during pans
  • Image masking for privacy
i-PRO SmartHD with real-time face detection
Detect and recognize face even with multiple individuals in a frame and in different lighting conditions.
Optical Slip Ring
Unlike cameras that rely on sliding metal-to-metal contact that in vulnerable to wear and dust, Panasonic PTZ cameras transmit the video from camera to base via a light beam that requires no physical contacts at all. This eliminates noise and greatly enhances the reliability of the unit.
Motion Detection
Panasonic PTZ cameras include a built-in motion detection feature that can trigger a range of alarms in response to motion in the field of view.
Maximum Dynamic Range with Super Dynamic III (SDIII) technology
SDIII elevates dynamic range to 128x that of conventional cameras to capture unsurpassed quality images even in harsh lighting typically experienced when outside sunlight and indoor light sources overlap – such as light filtering through open doors, building lobbies with windows or glass doors and ATM vestibules – and outdoors in areas that transition from daylight to the dark of night with bright headlights and street light.
Digital Flip
Keeps objects right-side-up when they pass directly below the camera.
Image Masking
Mask up to eight selected portions of a surveillance image on screen to preserve privacy.
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Network Camera Product Line-up Chart
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Super Dynamic HD Dome Network Camera
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Provides feature-rich pan-tilt-zoom control, auto-tracking of 720p high-definition (HD) images and full-frame 1280x960-pixel images at up to 30 images per second.


Featured Product
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The WV-NS954 Camera features Super Dynamic III Technology with 30X Optical Zoom.


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